Welcome to the Makalani Village

Malawi Makalani borehole

The residents of Makalani, Malawi, are primarily farmers who lacked access to water.

"I used to wake up around 3 a.m. to go fetch water," explains Edina, a mother of seven, who always has lived in Makalani. "As a woman, I had a burden, as per our tradition that we have the sole responsibility to fetch water for the family. As such, I had no time to finish up household chores. Farming was also compromised as I used to spend most of the day walking in search of water."

Insufficient water for handwashing, cleaning, and bathing meant an increase in illnesses. For students, their illnesses meant missing school, accelerating the levels of illiteracy for the community. Without access to safe water, the health – and potential for progress – in Makalani suffered.

In 2020, Water For People collaborated with the village and the Chiradzulu district council to drill a borehole. This new water system means over 300 people in the village have nearby access to safe, reliable water.

Edina shares what this progress has meant. "Now I can wake up any time since water is in our vicinity. My family is happy since they are consuming clean, safe water. The water from the borehole has a good smell and taste.”

"I am expecting more harvest this year from my garden because I have now spent more time in the garden than searching for drinking water. I have enough time to work on a small business to support my family. Within 10 minutes, I can go to the borehole and come back home."